Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Who says animated films are for kids?

As a person, I am slightly dog-obsessed- don't blame me, it's a family thing. Anyway, so for as long as I can remember I have been in the vicinity of a dog. So it’s no surprise that my favourite childhood film was 101 Dalmatians (the cartoon one, not the live action, even though Glenn Close makes an excellent Cruella) I had it on video, you jel? The basic plot is of a Dalmatian called Pongo and his ‘pet’ Roger, Pongo wants to find Roger a wife (he also wants like a dog girlfriend). Anyways they meet this woman and her dog, Perdy. They all get married etc. Long story short, Perdy has puppies and Cruella DeVil (very punny funny) hires two thieves to steal them. The humans, try as they might, can’t find the puppies. So it’s up to the dogs and the ‘twilight bark’ which is like howling at night-time. The news reaches the colonel and Sergeant Tibbs (a cat) and they discover the puppies at Hell Hall (Cruella’s holiday home that’s, like, fallen apart) so they tell Pongo and Perdy that their puppies have been found and they go to save their puppies (along with the other 86 puppies). So they’re on their way back to London when Cruella and the thieves catch up with them, but they escape in a van, disguising themselves as Labradors, covering themselves in soot. They get home to London and their owners decide they’ll keep all the puppies and move to the country where they’ll have a ‘Dalmatian Plantation’. How do I remember all of this? Not gonna lie, I watched it two weeks ago. So proof that animated films aren’t just for kids, because I’m 16 and I still love that film.

Isabella Milne

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