Wednesday, 24 October 2012

For over a Century I have lived in secret…

From left; Stefan, Elena and Damon

They say that for your first article you should write about something that you know. We know of nothing better than The Vampire Diaries, we are major nerds.
First we’d like to say that Damon is amazing. He is one of the main characters in The Vampire Diaries, who starts out evil, but becomes super nice-ish because he falls in love with his brother’s girlfriend, Elena. That’s awkward.

This is Damon
It all started with a meeting, then a compulsion, then a car crash! Elena and her parents were on their way back from a party, when they were involved in a car accident. Elena was the only one to survive. A few months later she returns to school, and meets a mysterious boy. His name is Stefan, it later turns out that he was the one who saved Elena from the car crash, and also, you know, he’s a vampire. So basically they had a happy couple of seasons until he went off the deep end and she fell in love with his brother. You can’t make that kind of stuff up.

So anyways in the season 3 finale, Elena was involved in another car crash, seriously. Long story short, she dies and kind of becomes a vampire. So season 4 will open with her transitioning into a vampire.

Our expectations;

Elena will become some sort of weird spirit, as she’d rather die than become a vampire. FYI her best friend is a witch so she’ll sort that one out.

Damon and Elena will get together.

Stefan will smile.

Katherine will turn nice, get together with Damon, Elena will get super jel and the drama will explode.

So the main source of our overly-nerdy excitement at the moment is the impending Season 4 premier! Elena will wake up in transition; Klaus will be in Tyler’s body, and we will be sat in our pyjamas with a bowl of popcorn.

So here’s what actually happened;

Elena almost became a weird spirit thing but Bonnie’s grandma ruined totally ruined it. But she paid for that, oh well!

Damon and Elena didn’t get together, epic fail.

Stefan and Elena are united once more.

Katherine didn’t make an entrance, but don’t worry, should happen soon.

What will happen soon (we’re totally psychic):

Damon and Elena have a super amazing scene and will get together, mark our words. That is all we want.

So here’s what happened in episode two;

Elena was super ill, vampire style.

Elena drank Damon’s blood and Stefan was annoyed, we’re not really sure why though.

There is a new vampire hunter and he has ghost tattoos.

So anyways, thank you for taking the time to read our nerdyness.

By Rebecca Wood and Isabella Milne

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